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Colleges & Universities Near Oaks Union Depot

Colleges & Universities

Looking for apartments near Metropolitan State University or Saint Paul College? Oaks Union Depot is a prime location close to both colleges. Instead of living on campus, your new home at Oaks Union Depot gives you the independence you desire and space away from hectic campus life. Saint Paul College is only an 8-minute car ride, 36-minute walk, or 20-minute bus ride from home. You’re even closer to Metropolitan State University at just a 4-minute drive, 25-minute walk, or a 10-minute ride away on public transportation. At Oaks Union Depot, we offer covered parking, so that quick commute just got even easier during the tough St. Paul winters!

Metropolitan State University is a college community where you can create your own path. No matter where you are in your educational career, MSU will meet you there to help set your goals for success. The “post-traditional” student will thrive at Metropolitan State University, and an Oaks Union Depot apartment home will suit all of your needs for your college career and your current career. Juggling school, work, and your own personal responsibilities can be stressful, but the comfort of your cozy new home at Oaks Union Depot will release that stress. You can even take advantage of our on-site fitness center to help burn off some calories and clear your mind after a long day of work and classes. Our yoga studio will also keep you focused and balanced

In a brand-new, smart apartment home at Oaks Union Depot, you will add much more convenience to your everyday life as a college student. St. Paul College is a community college that offers programs in business, technical training, STEM fields, health sciences, and liberal arts. Their dedicated faculty and small class sizes make the learning process at the college level a smoother one, and they even provide scholarship options and free tutoring. You can take advantage of the vibrant student life on campus, then take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your school work in one of our new apartments near St. Paul College. The smart apartment technology by IOTA will alleviate simple day-to-day nuisances that are even harder to remember when you’re a busy college student, like controlling the temperature of your apartment. With such state of the art apartments at Oaks Union Depot, you will have more time to dedicate to your studies.

If you’ve been looking for apartments near Metropolitan State University or St. Paul College, Union Oaks Depot has everything you’ve been looking for.  Call to schedule a tour today!



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